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Training at Jaeger-LeCoultre in Switzerland

Training is key in the watch repair business. Our business manager and watchmaker at Helox, Roberto de Bokx, therefore passed the Richemont benchtest with flying colours and was allowed to make a selection of the brands for which he wanted to follow specialised training. This training is obligatory if you want to be a recognised repair centre for the brand in question.


Roberto de Bokx

At the end of 2021, Roberto travelled to the Jaeger-LeCoultre headquarters in the prestigious Vallée de Joux in Switzerland. This region is known as the cradle of watchmaking. On top of that, it is also very beautiful. The imposing building houses 1000 employees and has a very pleasant atmosphere. They also have a private museum there that clearly displays the history of the brand and is very inspiring.


Vallée de Joux
Hoofdgebouw Jaeger-LeCoultre

Of course, there is also work to be done. The days start early, but with a good cup of coffee and a fresh glass of fruit juice, that's no problem. Colleagues from all over the world come together to refine their techniques in order to ensure the high level of finish of Jaeger LeCoultre. You have to pass the course or you will not receive the quality certificate. Attention is paid to brand-specific knowledge and finishing choices. There was also attention for regulating, oiling and an advanced session on determining the centre of gravity.

Werkbank van de horlogemaker

All of the above was thoroughly monitored and assessed, but the big test came on the last day. The complete disassembly and reassembly of a Reverso model with double dial. Extra difficulty, it had a shiny black dial. No sinecure, but also no problem for Roberto.

Reverso model

This close cooperation is of course to the advantage of you, the customer. We are happy to help you in our workshop in the Koedreef in Destelbergen.

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