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Restoration of a Breitling Cadette movement

Revision of an old Breitling Cadette chronograph with a Venus 188 movement.

The customer who came in with this watch inherited it from a beloved person. We did a restoration of the movement. We could have gilded the case of this movement and returned it to its original state. However, to preserve the look and feel of the inheritance, little intervention was carried out on the outside.

Onderhoud aan de Breitling Cadette

Maintenance of this vintage Breitling is not an easy task.

There is a lot of rust on the back of the movement and on the chronograph parts. These all need to be cleaned and polished to get the watch working properly again. An additional problem is that the cover of this movement is deformed in such a way that it no longer latches onto the movement.

The grey case was once gilded but the client did not wish to restore it to its original state.  




In the accompanying photo, the rusty parts are clearly visible. To clean them, sandpaper, polishing brushes, oilstone and a sophisticated cleaning machine were used.





Dismantling of the movement.







Cleaning of screws with Bergeon tool 30615





3 drops of oil - ready for polishing the screws

Drie druppels met olie voor polijsten

Reset hammer in make-up

Opkuisen van de reset hamer
Schoonmaken van de onderdelen
Onderdelen na de schoonmaken

Installing a new spring

Below, we can clearly see how beautifully the parts shine. But will everything work?

montage breitling

Testing of watches and their functions. The control is often not sufficient.  Only after at least one week on the control mill the watches are returned to the client.

When restoring this type of timepiece, we inform the client about the condition of the movement and the case, and how these timepieces should be treated. This must be seen in the spirit of the times when these timepieces were made.

With passion for the profession.


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